The Essence of Life

Set amongst lush Water Gardens and through the ebbs and flows of nature life is born....

The WaterCrystal is the 'Luxury For A Purpose' brand designed to create events, products and services which positively contribute towards Water solutions and other social and environmental projects worldwide.

Built on the foundation of diverse creativity, compassionate ethics and boundless experiences, The WaterCrystal brand operates uniquely by introducing the sentiment where we freely enjoy our luxuries whilst serving a greater global purpose.


....Compelled by passion and duty, the Hummingbird and the droplet unite.....

Launching into the most Exquisite and Exclusive locations worldwide, The Bilauri Deluxe Crystal Glassware Collection showcases the unity of 'For Him & For Her', whilst depicting the supreme and infinite 'Art of Water & Nature'. Handcrafted by master-artisans, each delicate feature tells a story of time, precision and wisdom.

Delivered to you in a "Droplet", the Bilauri Deluxe Collection embraces the essence of life and luxury and with sheer brilliance, the blend between the two is flawless.

Etched with Eight Droplets, each fine piece is both captivating in presence and magnificent to touch...Welcome to 'Grandeur & Ornate'.

The Bilauri Showcase

The Bilauri Deluxe Collection is now available for order.


What was once a tiny droplet is now a watery path of ever-flowing beauty.
The work of the Hummingbird begins to flourish....

Luxury For A Purpose provides a platform for celebrating luxury experiences, locations, venues, products and services which contribute positively to our global communities, nature and the planet as a whole.

The Water Education Tool (W.E.T. Academy) delivers interactive and innovative training programmes which focus on educating the next generation on Water necessity, its access and distribution and the paramount importance of its sustainability/preservation for the future.

W.E.T. Academy encapsulates social and environmental studies, health, art & culture, science, engineering, geography and economics for the future to come.

Water Gift To Life

Water is nature's theatre, and luxury becomes the script, affirming the ethos 'Luxury For A Purpose'. 20% from the direct sale of The Bilauri Deluxe Collection goes towards fresh Water solutions worldwide.

- The WaterCrystal -

The Bilauri Showcase